What does it mean to be a Pumpkin Blaster?

Pumpkin Blast is an annual Pumpkin Launching Competition held each fall at Tate Farms. 
​In the weeks leading up to the Blast, teams design and build devices to launch pumpkins at our targets. 
​On the day of competition, teams will try to outblast one another as they compete for accuracy and distance.


To compete, teams must complete and submit the registration form BEFORE 11:59pm CT on September 15, 2019.

You will find the Device Construction & Safety Rules and 2018 Scoring Rules below.
Rules are updated each year when registration opens and may reflect changes to rules from previous years.
​If you have questions that are not addressed in these documents, please email us at Rules@PumpkinBlast.com. 

*For safety, youth teams must have an adult advisor. Short range teams must include either one adult member or an adult advisor.

Main Competition

In our main competition, we invite teams of 4 to design & build a device that can accurately launch a pumpkin to hit a target placed 85 – 135 yards from the firing line.  This portion of the Blast is open to Youth (Ages 14-18)*, Collegiate and Adult teams.  

Corporate, Organization & Club Teams Welcome.

In Addition to Completing the Team Registration Form, All Competitors Must Complete & Submit the Appropriate Waiver

*Registration includes entrance into the tournament, competitor shirts for each registered team member
(4 for main division teams or 2 for short range teams), plus ALL pumpkins needed throughout the competition.

Short Range Division

Our short range competition is
​a great opportunity for teams of 2 who want to try Pumpkin Blast on a smaller scale.  This division features a closer target and is open to competitors ages 12 and up*. Teams competing in this division will also be eligible to shoot for our Little Big Shot distance award. 

Team Registration Fees

Main Competition
Adult Team:                  $200

Collegiate Team            $150
Youth Team:                  $100

Short Range Division

All Teams:                     $60