Main Competition

In our main competition, we invite teams of 4 to design & build a device that can accurately launch a pumpkin to hit a target placed 85 – 135 yards from the firing line.  This portion of the Blast is open to Youth (Ages 14-18)*, Collegiate and Adult teams.  

Corporate, Organization & Club Teams Welcome.

Team Registration Fees

Main Competition
Adult Team:                  $200

Collegiate Team            $150
Youth Team:                  $100

Short Range Division

All Teams:                     $60

In Addition to Completing the Team Registration Form, All Competitors Must Complete & Submit the Appropriate Waiver

*For safety, youth teams must have an adult advisor. Short range teams must include either one adult member or an adult advisor.

*Registration includes entrance into the tournament, competitor shirts for each registered team member
(4 for main division teams or 2 for short range teams), plus ALL pumpkins needed throughout the competition.

Short Range Division

Our short range competition is
​a great opportunity for teams of 2 who want to try Pumpkin Blast on a smaller scale.  This division features a closer target and is open to competitors ages 12 and up*. Teams competing in this division will also be eligible to shoot for our Little Big Shot distance award. 

What does it mean to be a Pumpkin Blaster?

Pumpkin Blast is an annual Pumpkin Launching Competition held each fall at Tate Farms. 
​In the weeks leading up to the Blast, teams design and build devices to launch pumpkins at our targets. 
​On the day of competition, teams will try to outblast one another as they compete for accuracy and distance.

To compete, teams must complete and submit the registration form BEFORE 11:59pm CT on September 30, 2019.

You will find the Device Construction & Safety Rules and 2018 Scoring Rules below.
Rules are updated each year when registration opens and may reflect changes to rules from previous years.
​If you have questions that are not addressed in these documents, please email us at